Maja projekteerimise protsess

If there is a desire to start building a house and a suitable plot has been acquired, the first activity is to apply for the design conditions from the local government. Under the design conditions, the building’s structural requirements, such as: height, width, slope, permitted materials, how much of it can be formed from the plot to be co-ordinated, etc. are determined.

  1. If a detailed plan has been established for the plot, it is not necessary to apply for the design conditions separately and the building plan determines the detailed plan.
    Sometimes you can go to the municipality with a sketch and try to coordinate it.
  2. Apply for technical conditions from network managers (water, channel, electricity) and identify connection points.
  3. Architect has to commission an architectural project, which is divided into three: sketch, preliminary design and main project.
  4. Sketch (in principle to coordinate the project with the municipality).
  5. Preliminary design – for obtaining a building permit, which specifies the building’s dimensions, materials, plans, views, sections, engineering systems and location on the plot.
  6. Basic project (defines different elements, nodes, door window specifications, etc.).
  7. If the client and the Architect have agreed with the sketch, then the blueprint must be coordinated with the local government and sometimes with the border neighbors.
  8. If the blueprint approvals exist, the geodetic ground plan of the plot must be ordered from the geodesist who will measure the plot digitally with the existing utility networks.
  9. Järgmisena arhitekt koostab eel või põhiprojekti, tellib energiamärgise ja hakkab seda kooskõlastama vajalike instantsidega nagu Päästeamet, Kommunaalamet, Linnaosa valitsus, tehnvõrkude valdajad kui vaja jne. Selles protsessis võiks kaasata juba inseneri ja sisekujundaja kui neid plaanitakse tellida.
  10. Kui eelinstantsid on kooskõlastatud, siis tuleb maksta riigilõiv ja projekt sisse anda kohalikku omavalitsusse.
  11. Kohalik omavalitsus menetleb projekti kuni 20 päeva ja selle jooksul kas projekt kooskõlastatakse või saadetakse tagasi parandusteks.
  12. Sõltuvalt projekti keerukusest ja protsesside ladususest (erinevad kooskõlastamised) võib ehitusloa saamine aega võtta 1,5 kuud kuni aasta.
  13. Already at the design stage, engineers and interior designers could be involved, as things may change as they wish and make suggestions. In addition, it can also be shown to the builder who will start building it, because depending on the skills and experience of the builder, it can still change the project.
  14. Depending on the size and complexity of the building, you could also order: Design project, Interior design project, water and sewerage project, electrical project.
  15. If the Building Permit is in hand, a notice of commencement of the construction work must be submitted to the Municipality three working days in advance and can begin with construction.