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Timbeco uudised

Last Saturday, a hackathon was held at the Timbeco office. The goal was to find new solutions in the construction of modular buildings. #hackathon



Another exciting #modular construction project has entered the final phase at the Timbeco factory. Here`s a little look at what`s hidden inside these wrapped loads. These luxury #holidayhome modules will make the 1,700 km journey to Lofoten, Northern Norway.
Partner: Bolig for Folket
The number of new houses: 11 (28 modules)
Correct packing and marking of the modules is important in order to protect it from the weather and to carry out lifting at the marked points. #modularbuilding #offsiteconstruction #transport #luxuryhomes #modularhouse #timbeco #timbecowoodhouse



Cooperation with universities is important for Timbeco. On 01.09, we were talking about Estonia`s wooden house sector and Timbeco`s activities to TalTech – Tallinn University of Technology`s engineering students.
Many thanks to you, Eero Nigumann, for sharing your knowledge with the students of the Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool. #prefab #timbeco #tehnikakõrgkool #taltech