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Timbeco Woodhouse OÜ is implementing the 6S system in production. For the successful implementation of this project, we use the help of the TJO Consulting Office. In the course of the consulting project, short trainings are held, where consultant Jussi Onoper introduces the principles of the 6S system step by step. During each short seminar, practical work is also carried out, where the necessary activities are implemented or started under the guidance of a consultant based on a sample workplace. Between the seminars, the employees perform the agreed tasks and, if necessary, extend the activities to other workplaces. At the next seminar, the results achieved in the meantime will be reviewed and guidelines will be given for the future.
In the first phase, we will start implementing #6S in one production hall. By the end of 2022, the team and I will go through all S and then we will move on with the project to the next production hall. Picture taken on 28.09 from the first 6S training day in Timbeco. #training #leansystem #timbeco #prefabconstruction #offsiteconstruction

#esg reports are becoming an increasingly important source of information for describing the #sustainability principles of companies. The Timbeco ESG report was already ready at the beginning of the summer, but this autumn we will start presenting it in more detail.
Since its publication, Timbeco's ESG report has received visible attention and we have adopted it as an important work tool. We hope that the report will give our customers and partners a better overview of Timbeco's plans and activities in the field of sustainability. The Timbeco ESG report is available on our website www.timbeco.ee #prefab #offsiteconstruction #esgreporting #esgreport #timbeco