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Timbeco uudised

The extension of the Timbeco factory building is nearing completion. The innovative roofing material IKO PLC (UK) Carrera is remarkable for its many environmentally friendly properties. It is an innovative, ecological roofing membrane combining all known technologies for the improvement of the environment. To reduce extremely damaging, so-called secondary particle matter in the air, IKO Carrara brings together many different innovations to create ‘Air Care Technology’.
System Benefits
– Purifies air by converting NOx (nitrogen oxide) and SOx (sulphur oxide) into harmless environmentally-neutral substances
– Cool Roof Technology reflects and radiates absorbed heat through infrared radiation, so less internal cooling is needed
– UV protection from the white mineral finish also lowers surface temperatures by over 30°C, reducing thermal shocks and extending service life by at least 5 years
– Made from recycled materials including regenerated bitumen from old roof coverings and obsolete stock. The high quality reinforcing carrier uses recycled polymers
– 100% green energy is used in the manufacture of IKO Carrara

A small step towards carbon neutral production. #building #environment #greenenergy #technology

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