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Timbeco uudised

On Wednesday, the film crew of visited Timbeco. The goal was for the AS Puukeskus representative to share information about the #Clickwall finish board and to do it directly on the construction site. Timbeco board member Tõnis Vaiksaar also shared additional information and revealed the reasons why the client of the project decided in favor of Clickwall.
The main arguments for the Clickwall finishing board:
✔ Clicwall's pattern/color selection is very wide, so we can find a tile with a suitable finish for almost every project
✔It looks very good and is durable
✔The end result is clean in appearance, the joints are not visible and the metal profiles are the color of the wall material.
✔The material is precisely cut to length and it simplifies installation.
The Nurgakivi program is already on the air on 04.02 at 10:30 on TV3. #project #film #construction #prefab #offsiteconstruction #modularconstruction #modularbuildings #timbeco

Kätte jõudnud digikoristuse aeg ja sobiv hetk käised üles käärida ning alustada oma digitaalse andmeprügi kustutamist. Oleme ka Timbecos juba teist aastat seda aktsiooni korraldamas ja proovime oma digitaalset jalajälge seeläbi vähendada. Soovitame külastada Telia veebilehte, kus võimalik ka osaleda kampaanias ja anda ka oma väike panus digitaalse jalajälje vähendamiseks. https://digikoristuspaev.telia.ee/ #telia #digikoristuspäev #digikoristuspäev2023

Last Friday, the students and teachers of Kajamaa School visited the Timbeco factory. The goal was to introduce the company's activities and show what is happening in our production facilities. Perhaps we can thereby inspire future civil engineers or carpenters. Many thanks!