Electricity within elemental structures

In the case of elemental structures, we offer the maximum factory production level, which includes the installation of rigid pipes and fittings necessary for conducting electrical cables based on the customer’s electrical project. The factory-installed electrical capability allows both the outer wall and the inner wall elements to be covered on both sides with the desired material (board, gypsum board, OSB, etc.) without requiring them to be re-opened on the construction site to save electrical conductors, thereby saving significant construction time.

Factory-installed electrical pipes provide a higher quality than the building site because the electric rim is carefully installed between the layers of the wool and without breaking the steam and the wind, rather than extruding or pushing the lining layer, which reduces the thermal conductivity of the structure.
Timbeco uses rigid electro-tubes (not soft lanterns) in its elements, which ensure the problem-free transmission of electric wires by electricians on the construction site. The advantage of rigid electric pipes compared to soft gasses is that it does not stick to the throats through the drainage cord. All selected pipes and tubes are frost-resistant to -25 degrees, which ensures that the elements manufactured by Timbeco can carry electrical wires all year long with the coldest frost.
Pipes of electric pipes and axes from both the vapor barrier (internal doors) and the windbreak (external doors) are carefully sealed and taped with special air-cooled tools and tapes to achieve the desired energy efficiency.
A precondition for the installation of electric fires and doors is the customer’s electrical project, which must be ready for the conclusion of the contract.