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Room plans of apartments

4-ROOM APARTMENT 67,2m², 723.33 SQ.FT

3-ROOM APARTMENT 60,4m², 650.14 SQ.FT

3-ROOM APARTMENT 46,2m², 497.29 SQ.FT.

3-ROOM APARTMENT 43,3m², 466.07 SQ.FT.

2-ROOM APARTMENT 33,5m², 360.59 SQ.FT.

4-ROOM APARTMENT 59,5m², 640.45 SQ.FT.

2-ROOM APARTMENT 33,5m ² 360.59 SQ.FT.

Apartments from standard modules are planned as two different types of 2- and 3-room apartments. Buildings can be designed with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or more apartments. Carports and storage rooms can also be built next to the apartment buildings.

At a very early stage of the project, an #LCA analysis are carried out on standard modular houses manufactured at the Timbeco house factory to identify the carbon footprint of the building. Carbon footprint calculations are made according to Swedish requirements BREEAM SE NC 2017 and in the Netherlands according to BREEAM NL.

TMS projects done