Element house pressure tests


The energy efficiency of the element building we manufacture and built is controlled by certified pressure tests. When building the house, it is necessary after the air and vapor barriers to prevent airborne error, and make sure that air pressure is controlled by Blower-Door before installing the inner lining. Before installing the inner lining and finishing the interior decoration, it is possible to correct the detected air leaks, as revealed by the pressure test.
Pressure is subjected to the so-called “pressure difference” method. Blower-Door, which generates an area or overpressure of 50 Pa in a building with a door or window hole mounted on a fan. Then, several times the whole space is measured, the air changes (1 / h) within one hour. The permissible air exchange is 3 / h, while the passive houses are 0,6 / h. In contrast to the thermal camera, the Blower-Door test can be performed at any time of the year.