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Timbeco has years of experiences with hundreds of projects and we have worked out easy to assemble and cost-effective standard solutions for Timbeco products. As Timbeco core business focus is engineering and production, then our products and solutions are meant to be industrially manufactured. Our preferred priority is to offer maximum readiness and benefits of producing elements/modules in factory. We believe, that the future of design and construction is about finding efficiencies and building a faster, cheaper and better-quality product. The best way to achieve it, is to do as much work as reasonable in factory.

Building service is mainly local business and therefore it is economical wise to use local companies for assembly works. Although Timbeco core business is production, we can offer in smaller scale (volumes) assembly service as well, but we are offering it only for full element / module solutions. Timbeco is delivering buildings all over Europe and geographically we are not able to cover all building sites with our teams. When we are on site, then our aim is to assembly our produced houses as fast as possible, that enables us to provide our assembly service for many clients. Assembly service we are offering through company Timbeco Construction and in our experienced team we have 12-16 skilled workers with years of experiences.

We are not providing assembly service for construction products like façade – or roof elements, that are used in hybrid constructions. As in such hybrid construction there are several working phases and subcontractors hired by main contractor, then many works and phases depend on each other that are out of Timbecos control.

In such case, we provide our clients with thorough project – and assembly documentation:

  • building manual with plans,
  • details
  • specifications
  • lists
  • safety instructions
  • care manuals

That helps builders to achieve good building quality on site. We also have a list of certified and controlled building partners, who have years of experiences of assembling Timbeco products or we could offer an experienced building instructor, who pleasingly will instruct our clients building teams during first 2-3 weeks of the montage.

In certain cases, we may be ready to offer assembly service with open budget (hourly rate) for hybrid solutions.

Construction of element houses

Although our core aim is to do as much work for element solutions in the factory as economically reasonable, the montage of elements could take from several weeks to several months depending on the scope of certain building. For protecting the elements and building site against unpredictable weather changes (possible moisture damages) during the montage period, Timbeco`s strong recommendation to our Clients is to use proper rainscreen /building tent solutions for protecting and securing building sites against weather conditions.  Building under tent / rain screen is getting a new trend in building industry, as it also increase significantly work safety  – and conditions for workers on building site.

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Installation capability when using 4 crew members and one crane

700m2 of roof elements installed per day
Facade elements of 200 m2 per day
Installation of modules with a floor surface of 150-200 m2 per day