About Timbeco Group


Timbeco Group is a timber house builder with a 31-year history of operations, which brings together a number of successful companies: Timbeco Woodhouse OÜ, an elemental and modular building company. Timbeco Woodmill OÜ focused on the production of log houses. Timbeco Ehitus OÜ dealing with construction and real estate development in Estonia. Timbeco Construction OÜ, which operates in the export market for elemental and modular buildings. The Timbeco Group employs more than 160 people and the company’s office and production unit are located in Saku municipality, Tõdva.

Our mission

Our mission is to help our customers save time, environmentally and energy efficiently. On this basis, we are committed to developing our products and services daily, introducing new materials and developing new engineering solutions.

We have high goals. We want to become the leading supplier of wooden frame elements and modules in the North of Europe by 2030. We are committed to setting high goals because we have a strong and professional team.

Today we are one of the fastest growing and one of the leading prefab construction companies in Estonia.

Our partners

We export 95% of our products to the Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Japanese markets. Our clients are Nordic leading construction companies to whom we produce energy efficient semi-detached houses, apartment buildings, school buildings, kindergartens, high-rise buildings, etc.

Why choose Timbeco

  • 31 years of production experience. We have erected over 2500 wooden houses in 25 countries.
  • 20 years in Japan – The experience of the company and the high quality of our products is demonstrated by over 20 years of experience in the Japanese market, where we have delivered more than 2000 sea container houses.
  • AAA Credit Rating – the credibility of the company is confirmed by the credit rating issued by Krediidiinfo AAA, starting in 2016. Check the credit rating certificate.
  • CE, ETA, ISO 9001 and FSC Certificates – High-quality timber frame houses, wooden structures and log houses are completed based on the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard. Our wood comes from a well-maintained forest, as evidenced by our suppliers’ FSC certificate. We have European Technical Approval.
  • Delivery guarantee – We guarantee agreed deliveries with bank guarantee. The bank guarantee gives the customer the confidence that if delivery is delayed due to Timbeco, we will compensate for the costs incurred in late delivery.
  • Contract payment guarantee – we guarantee the fulfillment of the agreements with the bank guarantee.
    A contract payment guarantee gives the customer assurance that all prepayments are secured until the product is received.
  • We offer a complete solution – from design and production to installation and construction. This way, the entire process is easy for the client to manage.
  • Modern technology – The production of maximum factory-made elements and houses with modern CNC machines guarantees the best value for money. Modern technology allows 25% discount on Scandinavian competitors.
    Construction and erection quality.
  • Timbeco Construction specializes in the erection and construction of wooden houses, which guarantees the correct and proper installation and high quality of the product.
  • Implementation of a sample of the product – we offer customers the opportunity to come to the factory for a special look at the product specimen of their order before starting line production. The product specification provides an opportunity to make sure of Timbeco’s quality and materials used.
  • Execution of pressure tests – We carry out pressure tests certified for many houses manufactured and built, as we are confident that our production meets the energy efficiency requirements of the country of destination.
  • 3D design – we use 3D CAD technology for designing, which has the advantage of a comprehensive documentation of the project for the customer as well as the installer.

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