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Timbeco prefab solutions are designed for the construction of prefabricated and modular buildings. We offer a standard solution (Timbeco Modular System) or tailor-made projects. Our buildings are based on modularity and can be customized as your needs change. Working industrially and focusing on resource efficiency, we offer a short construction process and contribute to a common sustainable future.


Modular buildings

Prefabricated modules are manufactured at a very high level of completion. As a rule, modules are crafted from inside and outside up to 80-90% and furniture is installed. Economically, it is most reasonable to build modular buildings where similar modules can be used.

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Element houses

All elements of the element house are completed as large elements in the factory. For example, an external wall with doors and windows, or a roof with a covering material, is factory built and mounted on a mast, significantly reducing construction time.

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Prefab will keep your project on-time and on-budget.

Construction costs and timelines can make or break a development project. Off-site construction reduces delays from weather and sub-contractor and scheduling. We bring predictability and precision to your project — as we build high quality, durable homes, based on your design, that maximize your customer’s satisfaction.

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Factory-made house benefits

Saving money

The element house also provides additional time and money savings, while simultaneously manufacturing the plant can carry out foundations work on the construction site.

Saving time

Most importantly, the construction speed, which depends on the entire construction budget. The element house is erected 3-5 days in a “weatherproof insulated box” level of preparation, that is, the building has painted lining exterior walls, internal walls, interiors and roof.

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