Element houses

We manufacture and install element houses based on the client’s design. The element houses are manufactured at the Timbeco factory as prefabricated timber frame elements which may include, if needed, windows (with accessories), insulation and inner and outer finishing.

Production of Timbeco element houses in accordance with international building codes and laws ISO 9001: 2015. In load-bearing structures, we use reinforced timber (C24). For ruggedness, the pins of the elements are made with fully automatic woodworking machines, which allows us to get in touch with wooden diagonals and slicers. We are flexible and able to produce elemental houses according to the customer’s project.


Element house advantages

Wood-frame construction with elemental technology has several important advantages in a construction site - construction speed, financial savings, reliable quality and warranty.

Money saving

The element house also provides additional time and money savings, while simultaneously manufacturing the plant can carry out soil works, tracks and foundations on the construction site. For a building under construction, most of the work can not be done at the same time, and therefore the construction time will be significantly extended. If we take the construction budget of 120,000 euros and interest at 5% per annum (bank + euribor), the half-year’s construction time will increase with interest costs rising by only 3,000 euros (or 500 euros per month).

Time saving

Most importantly, the construction speed, which depends on the entire construction budget. The element house is erected 3-5 days in a “weatherproof insulated box” level of preparation, that is, the building has painted lining exterior walls, internal walls, interiors and roof. The longer the construction time, the greater will be the cost for laborers, the object’s security and insurance, the waste bins and the owner’s time.

Sustainable use of materials

In the case of the maximum factory-fitted element house, it is also certainly more economical to use the materials, which means a financial savings for the customer as the cost of the materials is maximally optimized at the factory.

Work quality and independence from weather conditions

The building elements of the house are completed at a factory where a certified quality and control system automatically guarantees the completion of all materials in accordance with the quality conditions. Production is subject to testing and is also responsible for all material supplied to the house that the factory itself does not produce. A great advantage is that all materials and constructions of the building are protected against weathering in the dry rooms of the factory, and they have been given a great deal of attention in packaging. Element houses have the advantage of independent seasons, which allows building elements to be built throughout the year.


When ordering a house construction and erection, the house factory takes responsibility for the quality of construction, and the client communicates securely and without any problems with only one company. A well-built  factory house is definitely a higher market value, because the construction meets all norms and laws, and has the necessary documentation from the works done, from the construction logbooks to the materials certifications.

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