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We have world-class customers and Timbeco is the top-level designer for their service. Unique projects and the international dimension of work provide our designers with great challenges and opportunities for development. The biggest advantage of our design unit is the close cooperation between clients, other subcontractors and the in-house production unit. All our designers have the opportunity to take part in a development program, during which they will participate in the design of their own designed building for practical experience.


Advantages of in-house engineers

Timbeco engineers have long experience in designing element structures, and therefore we are able to develop optimal and cost-effective solutions. The advantages of our design unit in comparison with the purchased service are, above all, efficiency, speed and integrity in teamwork – thanks to the direct feedback from the departments, we have come up with the best and most flawlessly working solutions. The high demands on teamwork are next to our professional strength.

Designers in building constructions will depend on choosing the type of house, the architecture of the building, the size of the premises, fire safety requirements, silts, the number of floors, and loads. Of course, construction safety and cost are part of the decision-making criteria. Combining different materials is reasonable and making choices depends on the engineering analysis.

We can provide high quality full service

Thanks to Timbeco’s skilled workers, we are able to provide a high quality full-service design from design and component development to building construction.

We design buildings for 3D CAD designing technology (AutoCad, HSBCad, ArchiCad, etc.), which enables projects to be prepared quickly, efficiently and with high quality.

When constructing building projects, we will take into account the requirements and materials compliance with the norms and make the necessary calculations and calculations, for example, energy efficiency and strength calculations.


Building Information Management (BIM) has been used in the industry for several years and has become an indispensable tool for planning and visualization of the construction process. We at Timbeco are active in many markets and BIM development takes place in all these areas.

We are building for a sustainable society

Through BIM (Building Information Management) we can collect all information in one place and then get an unbroken source of information that all employees in the process can access – from early planning to management of the building or facility. The risk of old versions of drawings and other information used is eliminated. And through the digital management we save on Earth’s resources.

With BIM in the projects we get better flow

Because BIM today is a natural part of our projects, we get a better flow. By this we mean that disturbances in production are decreasing and the project flows on without unnecessary interruptions.

Samples of Our Work

We have built over 2500 wooden houses in 25 countries
Sales consultants are all engineers
Our team has 12 designers