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Building types


Prefab building types that can be built on Timbeco’s wooden elements and modules


Semi-detached house

Timbeco has built many different types of semi-detached houses. We have also developed a standard solution that we have successfully built in Estonia for many years. We pay great attention to the use of materials, durability in constructions, soundproofing and ease of use.

terraced house

Terraced house

Timbeco has erected a series of wooden elements terraced house in Estonia and Scandinavia. The biggest residential area of wooden terraced houses in Käokella is located near Tallinn. Here we have built 7 terraced houses, a total of 63 dwellings. In collaboration with the TalTech University, we have developed a project for near-zero terraced buildings.


Small apartment buildings

Small apartment buildings can be built on wooden frame elements and modules. For such buildings, the use of modules is preferable. It saves time at the site and reduces the cost of construction.

Wall elements

Apartment buildings

For apartment buildings with large concrete structures, it is possible to use facade elements on a wooden structure. It speeds up the weatherproofing of the building and the construction process. There are no restrictions on the height of the building in this case. It is also possible to build such apartment buildings from modules. From modules it is possible to erect up to 12 storey apartment buildings.



The interior climate of the rooms and environmentally friendly construction methods are very important in the construction of nurseries. Wooden buildings and wooden modules can be used to construct buildings with excellent indoor climate, where children have a pleasant stay. We have also used CLT solutions for kindergartens, which make the interior of the building a great inspiration for carers and children.



We have erected a number of different school buildings and installed facade elements in several school buildings. Construction of wooden elements will save time for construction. The use of wood on the construction site is, in our opinion, a great solution to smaller villages and towns. The building of a school house as a module is a very fast and excellent solution for quick population growth.

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