Transport of modules

Ensure weatherproofness

Before shipment of the modules from the factory to the object, they are covered with weatherproof film coating, which helps to protect them from rain, wind and sun. The cover sheet is tightly repositioned in the module, it does not drip in the wind and does not rub against the external facade. The film coating protects the module from damage to the module during land and sea transport and during storage. The film does not become brittle at low temperatures and is resistant to ultraviolet light.

Transport of modules

Modules are delivered to the construction site by truck

Transportation of modules to an object is carried out by trucks. In the case of transitional modules, we use the services of specialist companies. Additional work associated with special transportation and includes loading schemes, technical equipment, route planning, transportation licenses, temporary warehouse planning, and the like.

Maximum size of modules:

width:              height:                    length:
4,5m                 4,2m                        12,5m

Crane work

The modules are raised on the object by means of a crane.