Module building


Saving time

  • The construction speed of a modular building depends on the complexity of the object, but as a rule, the installation of one module lasts for 30-60 minutes. On average, 10-12 modules (30m2 of floor space) are installed per day, with a total living space of about 300 m2 in a high level of completion per day.
  • On the construction site, modules are connected together and the necessary connections are made to water, sewage and electricity. The interconnections between the modules will be finalized in an agreed manner.
  • Largest apartment buildings are assembled on a finished foundation for one week. The construction of modules will significantly save time and will reduce the construction waste on the site.
  • The construction of modules shortens construction time on the site and reduces the overall cost of construction.

Module building


  • Only quality materials are used in the production of modules in the factory. In dry conditions, the production ensures a controlled result of the wooden elements of the building.
  • When building a construction site, materials (frames, wool, construction boards) have a constant risk of getting wet, which can significantly impair the quality of the building.
  • Building modules will significantly reduce the subscriber’s problems with subcontractors as most of the work is done at the factory.
  • If necessary, the modules can be re-opened and rebuilt elsewhere (for example, for kindergartens and schools).

Modular construction