Bim summit

Raino Kivioja, Head of the Timbec design department, introduced Timbeco at the BIM Summit 2018.

Timbeco was invited to BIM Summit to share her successful experience in using laser scan on an example of a real project. The presentation focused on linking the point cloud with the building model as a result of Laser Cassette Transmission. The design and design of a truly constructed design, software constraints and added value that helped us successfully carry out this project.

Model design is becoming a standard tool for architects and designers around the world. In the summer of 2015, a survey was carried out among TUT’s main contractors, which revealed that the use of advanced opportunities had not yet reached a large part of the Estonian builders. This means that the potential benefits of building information modeling were inhibited during the lifetime of the building.


In 2016, the first BIM Summit in Estonia – an internship-oriented international conference to find real solutions to real problems in the area of BIM implementation. The goal of the BIM Summit was to inspire the Estonian general contractors and contractors through the experience of other practitioners.

Now, two years later, Estonia has reached a point where model design is more widely used and our own practitioners have projects, lessons and progress to share. BIM Summit 2018 focuses on projects from Estonia and abroad, with the aim of sharing experiences and giving presenters ideas on how to further benefit from model design in subsequent projects.


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