In the current year, we will manufacture and erect 4 semi-detached houses into Uuesalu residential area in Estonia, which will be completely manufactured from closed panel walls manufactured in the plant.

Ivar Mardim, the Development Manager in Timbeco Ehitus, said that logistically this project is very good. “We are only a couple of kilometres away from Uuesalu. But, above all, we are a trustworthy choice for the contracting authority because of the quality of our prefabricated houses and the integrity of our services.” The closed panel walls for two-storey semi-detached houses with wooden frame structures are manufactured in the plant, whereas the panels are in the state of maximum readiness. Among other elements, aperture fills and external finishing elements for the closed panel walls will also be mounted in the plant. The working conditions in the plant are monitored and they correspond to ISO 9001 quality requirements. The preparations made in the plant allow to considerably reduce the erection time of the houses.

  • Product: semi-detached houses made of closed panel walls
  • Total floor surface area of the prefabricated houses: approx. 1,000 m2
  • Manufacturing time of closed panel walls: 4 weeks

Samples of Our Work