Wall elements

The construction of factory-made wooden elements and their use with other structural materials is widespread throughout the Nordic countries. Wooden elements accelerate the construction process and thus reduce the cost of construction.

Timbeco Woodhouse is constantly developing its product portfolio, and projects are increasingly complex and challenging. Timbeco’s partners are contractors and real estate developers of different sizes who value our expertise and know-how in the design, manufacture and construction of wooden furniture. The high quality of production, and the financial and temporal savings are the main arguments that are increasingly favoring the use of wood furniture.

Wooden elements with various designs
When designing a building, the choices made depend on what kind of house it is. Of course, the security and cost of construction are part of the decision-making criteria. Here, Timbeco engineers have long experience, we are able to develop and design optimal and cost-effective timber element construction. As a rule, what is involved in the design process of a wood element manufacturer at an earlier stage, the better is the final result.
The most common uses of the wooden element are facade elements insulated with monolithic and prefabricated concrete or steel carcass construction. Building bearing posts are made in this case, concrete and wall elements from a wooden frame. This solution is used in buildings with large silos (eg production and public buildings) or in buildings over 4 floors, where the timber frame can hardly achieve the overall stability and fire resistance of the building. In total, it is a so-called hybrid construction, the prerequisite for which is the design of carefully selected materials, coordinated BIM models and thorough design.

Strong advantages of using wood furniture
The great advantage of the factory-made wooden elements is that all the constructions are produced in dry conditions and protected from weathering. The construction of the elements provides a more comprehensive design, high quality and, consequently, less reappraisal. In addition, in terms of wood frame buildings as well as hybrid structures, the project saves time for project production in favor of the factory. At the same time as the construction site is undergoing soil and concrete work, the production of the elements takes place at the factory.

Timbeco projects with hybrid constructions
Timbeco has built a large number of buildings (row and apartment buildings, kindergartens, office buildings) on elements of a purely wooden frame, with the use of different wooden structures and buildings that are more than four storeys, and can be successfully used with wooden wall elements, the hybrid structures mentioned above.
Timbeco’s reference portfolio has accumulated over time a number of high-quality, high-quality production and building projects that need to be built. In Sweden, Timbeco has erected, for example, several kindergartens with hybrid structures, chambers of CLT and wood frame, schools, as well as an elderly home.

One of the largest facade projects was Timbecol in Stavanger, Norway, where we installed wooden exterior wall elements for 7 to 18 times more concrete floor buildings.
The most extensive roof project (29,000 m2) was completed last year in Pärnu, where the roof of the Metsäwood new factory building formed more than 700 roof elements.

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