In February of this year, the world’s leading wood processing sector certifier BM TRADA issued the CE certificate to Timbeco, verifying that the element houses manufactured in Timbeco Woodhouse correspond to the highest technical requirements in Europe.

Siim Leisalu, CEO and Member of the Management Board, said that since Timbeco exports 95% of their production, the CE label is an important sales argument and competitive advantage for them. “It is a solid proof of the high quality of the element houses manufactured at Timbeco for our current and future partners. But above all, it is an acknowledgement for Timbeco’s team. We have a top level team and we can be proud of it.”

Before Timbeco, there were no CE certified house manufacturers in the Baltic States; meanwhile, there are currently no CE certified house manufacturers in Sweden. There are approximately ten CE certified house manufacturers in Finland, the leading European log house exporter.

Timbeco is one of the oldest log house manufacturers in Estonia and over the last two years, the company has taken its production quality to the top level in Europe. In 2012, the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system was implemented at Timbeco, the European Technical Approval (ETA) was obtained last year and the CE certificate this year.

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