Timbeco manufactured closed panel walls with special solutions for the Espoo Education and Recreation Centre.

The delivered closed panel walls were special because of the materials used to manufacture them. Instead of regular wind protection panels, the fibre-cement based Cembrit wind protection panels were used. Instead of usual wood, laminated veneer lumber (Kertopuu) was used as the framework for panel wall solutions. In addition to the above-mentioned Cembrit wind protection panels and laminated veneer lumber (Kertopuu), several other special solutions were used for closed panels — from securing devices to air sealing tapes.

According to the contracting authority, Timbeco could offer the necessary solutions for the project quickly and accurately.

  • Product: closed panel walls for metal and concrete structures
  • Volume of the closed panel walls: 1,800 m2
  • Manufacturing time of closed panel walls: 3 weeks

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