Timbeco Sports Club


The Timbeco Sports Club has been called to increase team cohesion by participating in joint exercises and competitions. The membership of Timbeco Sports Club is suitable for enthusiasts of different areas, and we also need to promote active roles and


Members of the Timbeco Sports Club are actively involved in gymnastics. Together, the wheelchair and ski caravans will be traversed and the Võhandu Stroke Aratton, which has become an important yearly event.

Although the Timbeco sports club is young, we have already been able to send it one more time: last fall, the Timbeco Sports Club’s Gold Ball took part in the 2016 corporate sports event (5th place in the winning soccer game) and in the OlyBet Indoor Session VIII in the tournament in March (the 7th place). OlyBet Summer Session 2017 was the 2nd place for Timbeco. At the corporate sports event, “Kuldball”, the 17th winner of the fourth prize.

Timbeco motorcyclists take out the landscape once a year to test themselves.