Timbeco as an employer


Timbeco Woodhouse OÜ is an attractive employer; we are open to new ideas, people and challenges. Our long history and extensive experience in international markets offer our employees stability, security and new opportunities. Our goal is to become the best in our field and the orientation and training systems that we have created ensure that all new employees have excellent opportunities for development. As we export timber houses worldwide, we offer international work experience.

In the market, Timbeco is well-known for its environmentally friendly and family-centred attitude; our goal is to preserve the environment and improve the quality of life of people. Our corporate culture is based on being socially active and responsible. We are convinced that a flexible and family-oriented work organisation is beneficial to both the employer and the employees. To acknowledge our efforts, Timbeco received a special prize in the Dream Employer 2013 competition from the Responsible Business Forum who recognized Timbeco for creating a sustainable work environment.

Thanks to large investments in buildings and modern technology, our main office and production base in Tõdva village in Saku Rural Municipality offers all employees modern work conditions. We value the health of our employees and therefore ensure that regular health checks  are conducted and the best work conditions are assured.

The fact that Timbeco has excellent work condition is attested to by the Beautiful Estonian Home award that we received.

For years, Krediidiinfo has given us a very strong or AAA rating, proof of the stable financial situation of the company; this in turn provides our employees with a sense of security about receiving their wages and the long term prospects of the company. We use a motivating wage system which guarantees that the salaries and wages of our employees are competitive.

Quality time spent together is important for increasing the unity and team spirit of our employees; we are more than happy to contribute towards company events such as sports competitions, Christmas parties and summer events or ski trips that last for several days, as well as family events. Our employees participate actively as a team in amateur athletic events such as the Tartu Marathon, Kuldkala, Käi Jala, etc.

The secret of all of our big victories and success is our great workplace atmosphere and everyone contributes to making our employees proud and happy about our incredible team and great team spirit. We value long term employment relationships and we consider it important to annually celebrate people who have been working with us for 3, 5, 10 or 15 years. Long term cooperation requires effort on both sides and the large number of long-term employees is a compliment to the HR policy we have developed.

We do not emphasise differences between people and their positions because a satisfied and loyal employee who has potential for development is our greatest asset. In order to achieve this, we conduct an evaluation interview with our employees at least once a year.

You are a good fit for us if your character and attitudes match our values. Our main selection criteria include professional expertise, appropriate education and language skills. Other useful characteristics include work experience in another culture, desire to contribute towards improving things, an energetic attitude, courage to make choices and take responsibility, desire to improve yourself and a heart for other people and their welfare.