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Tandkrona terraced house in Sweden

Timbeco manufactured and mounted 3 wooden element row house of a high level of completeness in Sweden.

The prefab elements of the exterior and interior walls of the row house were equipped in the factory with vent pipe feedthroughs and pipe feedthroughs.

The prefab elements were also equipped with gypsum boards for interior finishing and exterior lining in the factory. The advantages of a heat-treated lining are its resistance to weather conditions and the stable shape – the boards do not bend.

A high level of completeness allows to save time on the construction site. It also increases the quality of the structures of the building, as all materials are manufactured and installed in dry conditions in the factory. The weatherproof row house was built in four weeks. On-site construction of the weatherproof house would have been up to three times more time-consuming.

  • Location: Sweden, Linköping
  • Living space: 1000m2
  • Number of apartments: 11
  • Volume of timber frame elements:  6000m2
  • Ordered readiness: house kit partly finished from outside, as seen on the pictures. Gypsum board installed inside.
  • Prefabrication of elements: ventilation feedthroughs, electric accessories and wooden boarding installed to external wall elements in the factory. Gypsum plasterboard installation.
  • Foundation: no
  • Architecture: from client

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