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Pestikuja element houses

Timbeco manufactured prefab timber frame elements and constructed building envelopes (ready form outside) for 10 energy efficient element houses in Helsinki, Finland.

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Building type: 10 private houses
Building design: provided by the client
The client’s order: building boxes finished on the outside, prepared for interior finishing works on the inside with construction works
System of construction works: factory-made timber frame element houses

Prefab timber frame external wall elements: Windows and doors sealed and finished in the factory were installed in timber frame external walls. The wall elements were also prepared for electrical works in the factory, which enables to complete the wiring on-site much quicker. The elements were covered with 2 layers of painted timber lining on the outside and with building panels on the inside.

Prefab timber frame roof elements: the roof elements were equipped with FB Securo fire barriers in the factory. For quick mounting of the roof, the eaves were also manufactured and painted in the factory.

Both the developer and the manufacturer prioritised energy efficiency in the construction of the buildings. Pressure tests were performed in all houses. The average air leakage rate of the 10 buildings was q50 = 0.85 (m3/m2h). The air leakage standard for an energy efficient residential building in Finland is the maximum of q50 = 2 (m3/m2h). According to the developer, the buildings are of energy efficiency class B.


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