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Modular apartment building in Norway

Client: Bolig for Folket
Building type: building with 20 apartments (43 modules)
Location: Lyngvær, Lofoten, Norway
Architecture: Tempt
Designers: Woodn
Project manager: Lauri Susi
Construction works: Turnkey solution
The Timbeco team erected a 3-storey modular apartment building in the town of Svolvær, the largest settlement in the Lofoten archipelago. The building has a total of 20 apartments with a size of 28m2 – 91m2. There is an open roof terrace on the roof, which can be used by all apartment owners.
The foundation of the building and the garage are made of concrete, and there are spaces for 7 cars in the parking lot. In the construction of the apartment building, factory-made modules were used, of which there were a total of 43 units. All interior finishing works of the modules, installation of kitchen and bathroom furniture were carried out in the factory. Cembrit facade tiles were installed on the facade and these works were carried out on site at the site to achieve the best final result.

The rainy weather presented great challenges to Timbeco’s installation team and therefore an extraordinary effort was made to weatherproof the building. Since the building is located directly opposite the school, a short construction period is particularly important – a shorter construction period means less construction machinery and less traffic near the school.
Interesting facts about the building:
• The first 2nd usage class (Tiltaksklasse 2) modular apartment building designed, manufactured and built by Timbeco.
• The first apartment building with an automatic sprinkler system for Timbeco, with the entire system installed at the factory
• The first modules with stairs between floors
• The first modular building with a life cycle calculation made by Timbeco.
There have been unsuccessful attempts to plant a suitable building on this plot for the last 10+ years. Bolig for Folket, who is creating a modular building with very beautiful views and a well-thought-out layout near the school, finally managed it.

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