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Modular apartment buildings in Iceland

Client: Hrafnsholl
Building type: 2 modular buildings (16 apartments)
Location: Neskaupstaður, Hafnarbraut 38-40, Iceland
Designers: Tanel Oja
Project manager: Erik Vesiloik
Construction works: Turnkey solution
Architecture: Tempt Architects

Timbeco Modular apartment buildings are completed as a factory-produced modular solution. The building’s interior and exterior finishing, electricity and water supply works were largely carried out in the factory, and kitchen furniture and sanitary equipment were also installed. As a rule, works carried out in a house factory are more cost-effective and save time on the construction site.

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Wooden element apartment building in Iceland

Timbeco designed, produced and installed a wooden block apartment building in Iceland. The 3-story apartment building is equipped with an elevator.

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Terraced houses and apartment buildings in Sweden

Timbeco designed, produced and installed a series of timber-framed apartment buildings in Gustavsberg, Sweden, near Stockholm.

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