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Bronnhoiden element houses

Timbeco manufactured the timber frame elements and completed the external construction works of two houses in Norway. The private homes are made unique by the finishing layer of cement facade panels installed in the factory of Timbeco. Installing of the facade panels at the factory helps to save time on the construction site and gives the building a modern and maintenance-free appearance.

Location: Halden, Noway
Building type: 2 private houses
Building design: provided by the client
The client’s order: externally finished building box, prepared for electrical works and interior finishing on the inside
System of construction works: factory-made timber frame element houses

Timber frame wall elements: As a result of product development, the prefab exterior wall elements were also equipped with a finishing layer of cement facade panels, in addition to installing windows and doors and ensuring readiness for electrical works. So far, the only finishing materials available for exterior wall elements were timber and metal.

Installing of the cement facade panels in the factory allows to save a significant amount of time during the construction works, and, hence, also money, as there is no need to treat the exterior finishing layer in any way on-site. The cement facade panels are durable, weatherproof and maintenance-free. The facade panels give the building a modern look.

Timber frame roof elements: in order to avoid using load-bearing interior walls in the whole extent of the first floor, glued timber beams were used for the load-bearing structure of the roof elements. The glued timber framework enables manufacturing of roof elements with a span of up to 15 meters. The roof elements were covered with bitumen roofing on-site.


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