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Building a house with wooden elements


We have built up 3-storey buildings on a wooden frame. This kind of construction is ideally suited for erecting private houses, but we have built both row and apartment buildings as well as public buildings (such as kindergartens, office buildings and schools). Here you will find time savings in building wooden buildings. At the same time as the construction site is undergoing soil and concrete work, the production of elements takes place at the factory, so that they can be delivered precisely and on time to the object and installed immediately. We have built wooden buildings for public buildings as a “turnkey” solution in less than 6 months from the conclusion of the contract. In the case of school-kindergartens, if the time pressure is high (children need to go to school in the autumn), then speed is important and building up the elements will bring significant time savings.

Building a house with wooden elements

Transport elements to the object

Weatherproof wooden elements are transported to the object by a truck and raised by a crane. All elements are fitted with suitable lifting heads at the factory to make the elements quick and smooth. As a rule, the wooden elements are equipped with a facade cover and open examples are installed. Facade covering joints are finished on site.

Building a house with wooden elements

Wall elements assembling

Wall elements are fastened to the foundation and joined together into a single whole. Up to 2-storey private houses and semi-detached houses will become a complete house box for 5-7 days. After the erection, the interior work of the house and external finishing work begin.

Building a house with wooden elements

CLT for the construction of bearing structures

In the construction of walls and ceilings, CLT (cross laminated timber) solutions, metal frame or partially combined with concrete can be used partially or thoroughly. We are increasingly coming to customers who have chosen the eco-friendly and innovative way of building, as they are ideally suited to combining CLT and wooden . In Sweden, we have erected a number of CLT and wooden frame elements for hybrid structures, schools and care hospitals.

Building a house with wooden elements

Roof elements installation

After installation of the walls, it is possible to start with the installation of roof elements. Roof elements can be factory-built for both flat roofs and A-frame roofs. In the case of flat roofs, the  factory can fix all the elements of the material and only seal the joints on the site.

Building a house with wooden elements

The internal work will begin

Depending on the object, the internal walls are already covered with suitable cover material (eg gypsum board) in the factory, or installed on the site. It is also partly dependent on the need for specific work (low-voltage works, electrical cables and plumbing work). For elemental structures, we offer maximum factory production levels, which include the installation of rigid pipes and fittings necessary for conducting electrical cables based on a customer’s electrical project.


Element houses

All elements of the element house are completed as large elements in the factory. For example, an external wall with doors and windows, or a roof with a covering material, is factory built and mounted on a mast, significantly reducing construction time.

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Modular buildings

Prefabricated modules are manufactured at a very high level of completion. As a rule, modules are crafted from inside and outside up to 80-90% and furniture is installed. Economically, it is most reasonable to build modular buildings where similar modules can be used.

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