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Falun CLT (cross laminated timber) kindergarten

Timbeco designed a kindergarten in Falun, Sweden, manufactured the timber frame elements and completed the external construction works. A weatherproof building box, made of CLT (cross laminated timber) and timber frame elements, was erected in just three weeks.

Location: Falun, Sweden
Building type: kindergarten
Building design: provided by the client
The client’s order: an externally finished building box with construction works
System of construction works: factory-made timber frame elements combined with CLT elements
Erecting of a weatherproof building box: 3 weeks
Time of construction works to reach the ordered level of completeness: 7 weeks
Designing: the contracting entity had performed CLT strength calculations and initial dimensioning. Timbeco created a common model based on structural, architectural models and CAD models of special parts, based on which the designers of Timbeco drew up the final construction drawings of the building. In the course of the design works, the structural part (including CLT) was divided into elements based on the transportation needs and efficiency of mounting. Both the timber frame elements and CLT elements were equipped with pipes for special parts. The pipes will help to significantly speed up the installation of special parts in the upcoming stages of the construction works.

Wall elements: completely factory-sealed and finished windows/doors were installed in the wall elements. External walls were also covered with timber lining in the factory. Ecological celluwool and mineral wool were used for thermal insulation. One of the functions of the mineral wool was to ensure higher fire resistance.

Ceiling elements: the ceilings of the building and most of the internal walls were made of CLT. A special, up to 25 mm thick, sound insulation material was used between the CLT ceiling elements and load-bearing internal wall elements.

Roof elements: the roof was manufactured of roof elements in the factory of Timbeco. The roof elements were made of glued timber beams and covered with a layer of rolled bitumen roofing in the factory to ensure that the roof is weatherproof. Stone roofing will be installed on-site.


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