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Element houses in Norway

Project description: Timbeco Woodhouse OÜ completed a technical project and produced house elements. Timbeco Norge AS erected buildings in Norway. All parts of the design were solved from factory-made wooden elements.

Type of building: 6 apartment apartment buildings (a total of 3 new apartment buildings)

Location: Norway

Floor area: 509 m2 (one apartment house)

Construction system: factory-made wooden elements

Factory set: The factory installed windows-doors for insulated-sealed room elements. Apart from assembly of rotary elements, roofing material and external lining were completely installed outside the house.


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Wooden element apartment building in Iceland

Timbeco designed, produced and installed a wooden block apartment building in Iceland. The 3-story apartment building is equipped with an elevator.

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Modular apartment building in Norway

Timbeco designed, produced and installed a modular apartment building in Svolvaer, Northern Norway. There are a total of 20 apartments in the modular building.

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