Timbeco designed and manufactured a residential building twice as airtight as the requirements for a passive house.

The air permeability value measured in a pressure test performed in the residential building manufactured and erected in Northern Norway was n₅₀=0.29 1/h. As a comparison, the required airtightness of the external walls of passive houses is at least 0.6 1/h. The airtightness of external walls shows how airtight the external structures (external walls, the roof, windows, doors) of the house have been manufactured and built.

Timbeco pays a lot of attention to the energy efficiency of buildings right from the designing phase, with the most suitable and energy efficient junctions found for each project based on the terms of reference. The energy-efficiency of Timbeco houses is achieved thanks to the high quality products of the company SIGA as well as careful work at the factory and on the construction site. The final and good energy-efficiency is achieved only by paying attention to energy efficiency in each construction phase.

Samples of Our Work