Timbeco Woodhouse is happy to announce that on 21 July 2013 the element constructions manufactured by us were assigned the European Technical Approval (ETA). The Approval was issued by SINTEF, the largest research and certification organisation in Scandinavia.

The following properties were considered in case of constructions: load-bearing capacity, fire safety, impact on health, environmental sustainability, usage safety, noise protection, heat retention, and strength. Thanks to receiving the ETA, the constructions for ThermoLog eco-houses developed by Timbeco are in compliance with the higher technical requirements established in Europe.

Despite the long and complex approval process we were determined to receive the approval from none other than SINTEF, a highly renowned Norwegian certification organisation. SINTEF’s European Technical Approval increases our trustworthiness and significantly adds to our competitive advantage on both the domestic as well as on foreign markets. First and foremost, we hope to benefit from the approval on the Norwegian market.

In addition to the international ISO standard, which we received last year, and this year’s ETA, we also wish to apply for the CE (European Conformity) certificate. The related processes are already underway and hopefully, before long, we can declare that Timbeco’s production processes and products comply with the level approved in the world.

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