Timbeco Woodhouse factory saw the manufacturing of prefab houses that earned the Estonian manufacturers their first CE marking.

The marking proves that the prefab houses manufactured by Timbeco meet the European technical quality requirements. Timbeco is also the only house manufacturer in the Baltics that has the CE certificate in manufacturing wood houses. The CE marking was issued to the semi-detached houses to be executed in the Uuesalu residential district near Tallinn.

Ivar Mardim, board member of the head contractor Timbeco Ehitus OÜ to construct the semi-detached houses in Uuesalu, said that the CE marking is tangible proof of the quality of the semi-detached houses manufactured by Timbeco. “In essence, it means that we can prove the origin and durability of our timber and the technical quality of the structure, when it comes to the Uuesalu prefab houses,” said Mardim. Peep Perendi, Project Manager at RPN Projekt OÜ that performs owner supervision of the Uuesalu development, also confirmed that Timbeco constructs high-quality semi-detached houses.

Timbeco Woodhouse is one of the oldest manufacturers of wood houses in Estonia. In 2012, the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system was introduced. In 2013, Timbeco was awarded the European Technical Approval (ETA), and this year, Timbeco received the CE certificate. Timbeco exports 95% of its production.

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