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This year, the umbrella organization of wooden house producers and affiliated companies, the Estonian Wooden House Association, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. An important event of the jubilee year was the opening of the sector exhibition space in the new museum building of the Estonian Open Air Museum – a modern wooden house – on 31 August.

According to Lauri Kivili, CEO of the Estonian Wooden Houses Association, the organization has been advocating the creation of a quality living environment in the broadest sense and the development of the Estonian economy for two decades. “We represent companies in the Union that produce dream homes, work environments and public buildings for people from renewable sources. It is invaluable for an organization to be able to work with companies whose products do not contradict the core values ​​and expectations of our customers – a timber house certainly carries this idea. ” the development of the wooden house sector and the Estonian economy as a whole. Kivi adds that an open exhibition space at EVM will certainly help to realize this vision and introduce it to the public.

Along with the opening of the Wooden House Association’s jubilee event and exhibition space, a new museum building – a 21st century wooden factory building – was handed over to the Estonian Open Air Museum on August 31. The modern wooden house will arrive at the Open Air Museum’s land architecture collection as a joint gift from the Estonian wooden house sector and the Puiduklubi MTÜ. According to Kivil, the member companies of the Estonian Wooden Houses Association have been looking for ways to realize the project for years, and last year was a revolutionary one. “A strong lead partner for the historically most sophisticated joint project in the sector was found in the sector, with long-established Argo Saul and the consortium Tehasemaja OÜ.

The consortium is comprised of wood house manufacturers who, with more than 120 different supply chain partners, have completed the building in which the exhibition space will continue to operate. ”
Argo Saul, who has led the construction of the building, confirms that the demonstration building and the exhibition space of the sector, supported by the European Regional Development Fund, are unique in the Scandinavian and Baltic context. “The showroom, with its building, will showcase the products, technologies, cutting-edge companies and industry developments used in the wood house factories, forming a comprehensive center of excellence. Here, all customers who are considering purchasing a wooden house have a great opportunity to get information about the different types of wooden houses and find answers to the questions they have when planning the house, ”adds Saul.

In addition to opening the exhibition space and handing over the new museum building, there have been other events during the jubilee year of the Estonian Wooden Houses Association – nearly 30,000 trees were planted, the Wooden House Day tradition was launched, and the sector’s annual

The Estonian Wooden Houses Association was founded in May 1999 by 17 companies that produce wooden houses. There are currently 64 companies in the Union, including wood house manufacturers as well as architects and engineers and supply chain partners. The main objective of the Estonian Wooden Houses Association is to increase the competitiveness and export capacity of its members by promoting various joint activities and wood construction. They will jointly solve labor-related problems, develop the field of vocational training, develop the image of Estonian wooden house manufacturers and participate in policy-making.

Timbeco woodhouse

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