The DRIVE 0 project was approved by the European Commission and officially launched on October 01, 2019. The project aims to provide efficient solutions within innovative renovation processes that focus on energy, material and cost savings.

With the project ‘Reducing CO2 from EU Buildings – Innovative Approaches and Affordable Solutions That Change the Market for Building Renovations’, launched by Horizon 2020, the European Commission sought innovative and affordable solutions to reduce CO2 emissions from buildings in the EU. The project should help accelerate the improvement of the energy performance of buildings across Europe.

Drive 0 concept

DRIVE 0 is a unique concept that offers efficient solutions for energy, materials and costs within innovative consumer-centric circular economy renovation processes. In implementing this concept, DRIVE 0 encourages the transition from linear to circular economy. This transition is urgently needed if we are to achieve a zero energy environment. The DRIVE 0 project aims to motivate and convince building owners to undergo a major renovation. Throughout the design of the renovation process, the focus will be on developing business plans for the circular economy and on involving end users.

Circular economy

The circular economy is an economy where the emphasis is on the reuse / reuse of non-biological resources and materials. Gathering products at the end of their life cycle and segregating materials allows them to be used to build new products and new buildings in the construction process.

Drive 0 strategy

DRIVE 0 focuses on three strategies that should help in the design and implementation (scaling) of existing housing renovation solutions:

  • recycling and recycling of urban materials (urban mining)
  • use of renewable environmentally friendly materials
  • use of natural materials

The Drive 0 approach is being tested in seven European countries, all with different cultures and housing. The renovation process takes into account local building practices and techniques and tests appropriate business models.

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