Many small businesses do not use all the opportunities available to them and do not benefit from the expansion of business activities across borders. This means that they do not use their full potential. The European Commission wishes to change that by showing how much can be achieved on the common market by being open to Europe.
In the framework of the campaign of 2017, ‘EU Open for Business’, the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network wishes to reach out to almost two million start-ups and scale-ups in Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, and Bulgaria. Start-ups and scale-ups are important for the economic growth of Europe — new companies create new jobs and new products on the market.
To solve the problems that new companies are facing, the European Commission works to eliminate the obstacles that prevent such companies from expanding. This way they maximise the efficiency of the European economic framework and ensure better access to financing, skills, and the protection of intellectual property. All of this is possible thanks to the common market.
This 12-month information campaign, which is financed within the COSME programme (a programme to improve the competitiveness of European enterprises and to aid Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), takes place in Slovenia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, and Bulgaria until the end of 2017.
Timbeco Woodhouse OÜ is also participating in the ongoing campaign of 2017 ‘EU Open for Business’. We will try to spread the success stories, internet advertisements, and social media posts of ‘EU Open for Business’.

The success story of Timbeco
On 27–29 October 2014, an 8-member delegation of Estonian entrepreneurs went to Sweden for a contact visit, which was arranged by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The business seminar and the bilateral contact meetings with Swedish entrepreneurs held in the framework of the visit took place in the cities of Borlänge and Falun in Dalarna County. Oliver Immato, the sales manager of Timbeco Woodhouse OÜ, also participated in the visit, obtaining a useful business contact from the local government of Falun.
‘Generally, we do not have anything to offer to local governments and it is really difficult, not to say impossible, to qualify for such procurements. It was different with Falun, however. Due to several coincidences and as a result of a lot of effort, we managed to participate in their procurement and came out as the winners. Last year we delivered a retirement home to Falun and as a follow-up, we also started to construct a kindergarten house. The retirement home has become a very important reference for us and as a result, we have gained ground on the Swedish market in general. I do not really know how the other participants in the trip have been doing but I think that our result alone was worth organising the whole event.’

Oliver Immato
Sales Manager for the Swedish market
Timbeco Woodhouse OÜ

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