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Terraced houses in Viimsi, Estonia

Timbeco Ehitus OÜ erected 4 terraced houses in Viimsi as a general contractor on a turnkey basis. The four houses will have a total of 32 apartments and the final phase of the project will be completed in January 2020. Terraced houses are energy efficient prefabricated wooden houses.

Energy class: The house is assigned energy class B

Heating cost: We have measured the cost of a house with a similar semi-detached house that we have built for heating and hot water for one year. On this basis, the average cost of heating and hot water in a part of the house is 55 euros per month. See more specifically: energy efficiency

Building type: Terraced houses made of wooden elements

Location: Lubja tee, Haabneeme village, Viimsi rural municipality
Customer order: turnkey solution
Sales Manager: Ivar Mardim
Designer: Kristo Kalda
Project Manager: Eero Nigumann

Architects: Miho OÜ

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