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Modular holiday homes in Norway

Client: Bolig for Folket
Building type: 12 private houses (33 modules)
Location: Lyngvær, Lofoten, Norway
Designers: Tauri Martisen, Karel Koitla
Project manager: Tõnu Emberg
Construction works: Turnkey solution
Architecture: Tempt Architects

The Timbeco Modular single-family house/holiday homes have been completed as a factory-produced modular solution. The building’s interior and exterior finishing, electricity and water supply works were largely carried out in the factory, and kitchen furniture, sanitary equipment and a sauna heater were also installed. As a rule, works carried out in a house factory are more cost-effective and save time on the construction site.

Larch boards, pre-treated with iron vitriol, are used in the exterior finish. The interior of the buildings is warm and bright, and wood-based materials with a low carbon footprint are used. The ceiling height is 270 cm, and floor-to-ceiling windows have been used to create spaciousness. All houses have a panoramic view of the magnificent mountains, the sea, the northern lights and the midnight sun. Standard modular buildings are also ideal for providing accommodation services. We have developed 3 modular buildings of different sizes (34, 75 and 103m2) to offer suitable solutions for customers with different needs. In the 103m2 building, it is possible to build a bedroom instead of a sauna. This converts the building into a 4 bedroom villa.

Accommodation service providers on the AirBnb platform in Northern Norway: House 1 House 2

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