We offer the facade elements of the outer wall according to the client’s project in maximum readiness, the elements used are certified by the manufacturer of the respective material. Most often, facade elements are used as an accessory and thermal element for the outer perimeter of deck houses. The most widespread use is in monolithic and prefabricated concrete buildings, where the building bearing posts and inter layers are made of concrete.

The exterior finishes of the Timbeco facade elements can be applied to all commonly used facade-finishing options: stone lining, plaster, construction board, plywood, wooden boarding, etc.

Case study

Torgkvartalet Shopping Center in Norway in 2017. Timbeco took part in the Stjørdal Torgkvartalet shopping mall building project in Trondheim, Norway. Expansion of the existing mall included a new 3-storey retail space of 14,000m² and a garage for 175 cars. There were several major challenges in the construction of the shopping center, but the final result exceeded the customer’s expectations. As a result, the building won a special award for the Year of the Factory House in 2018.





Timbeco standard outer wall element layers

  • Lining board or stone plate and plasterboard base plate
  • Vent 20×45
  • Windbreak
  • Loaded stacked wall frame / insulation material
  • Moisture barrier
  • Frame and extra insulation
  • Internal lining (wood board, gypsum board (Gyproc / Knauf)
  • Windows and doors are fitted with elemental barriers and water tiles

Comparison of common external wall solutions

Wooden element layers

  • Wooden boarding or other facade material
  • Unventilated air opening: 20 mm
  • Windproof gypsum: 9.5mm
  • Insulation: 200 mm
  • Polyester film: 0.2 mm
  • Insulation: 50 mm
  • Plasterboard: 13 mm

Layers of the concrete element

  • Intermediate layer for 150 mm concrete
  • Glass wool insulation of 200 mm
  • Outer layer 70 mm concrete

Facade layers from the building block

  • 500mm Bauroc Ecoterm+
  • Interior finishes: plaster, putty, color
  • Exterior finishes: plaster

Comparison of facade solutions for wooden elements, concrete and building blocks

26 cm
42 cm
50 cm
Price without windows and doors
90 eur/m2
al 110 eur/m2
ca 100 eur/m2
Installing windows and doors
in the factory
on site
on site
50 kg/m2
500 kg/m2

200 kg/m2
Transport (m2 elements in 1 trailer)
Rental equipment for lifting equipment
50 eur/h
50 - 100 eur/h
30 - 50 eur/h
Price of interior finishing
12,5 eur/m2
23 eur/m2 leveling plaster
23 eur/m2 leveling plaster
Construction of the building (3 men)
200 m2 a day
200 m2 a day
35 m2 a day
Fire resistance
60 EI
90 EI
240 EI