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Wooden element terraced house in Sweden

Type of building: Wooden element terraced house. A total of 6 row and semi-detached houses were built on the Timbeco elements, with 16 guest apartments and a cafe-restaurant. The apartments are between 29 and 39 m² in size.
Location: The object is located on the island of Nordkoster in West Sweden, which is probably one of the best places for living between the Swedes and the Norwegians.
Wooden element capacity: 5500 m²
Construction system: factory-made wooden elements
Factory set: Insulated-sealed windows-doors were installed in the factory. After the installation of wooden elements, roofing material and outer lining were installed and finished completely.
Designer: Margit Metsallik
Project manager: Margus Mäemets


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Hölzernes Ferienhaus Stav90 in Norwegen

Although it is a smaller type of holiday home, it is technically very sophisticated. Wooden constructions and steel constructions (posts-beams) throughout the house were used.

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Holzhauswandelemente des schulhauses

Timbeco Woodhouse manufactured and mounted a wooden element row house of a high level of completeness in Sweden, Tandkrona. The prefab elements of the exterior and interior walls of the row house were equipped in the factory with vent pipe feedthroughs and pipe feedthroughs.

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Timbeco element house
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