Roof elements

We build timber frame roofs for large industrial buildings

The best and fastest solution for the rapid protection of large buildings from heavy weathering is the use of roofing elements in Timbeco’s wooden structure. Timbeco Roof Dimensions are 2.5 x 13.6m in size. Roofing elements are covered with roll material and installed interior finishing boards. The Timbeco wooden roof structures are breathable.

Roofing elements can also be manufactured by tailoring according to the customer’s specificity up to 18 m in length.

Timbeco wooden roof elements are especially suitable for the following buildings:

  • Gyms
  • Production buildings
  • Community buildings

Case study

Timbeco installed a wooden frame roof elements on the Metsäwood Plywood Factory. The supporting structures of the building are reinforced concrete and the roof elements are based on laminated timber beams. Roof elements were maximum factory-fitted and already covered with roll materials at the factory, only sealing of joints took place at the building site. The total construction budget for the project was EUR 14 million and the plant opened in August 2018.

Duration of the installation of the elements: 15 weeks
Volume of the elements: 27,000 m²
Dimensions of the elements: 2.4 × 12 m and 2.4 × 18 m

Roof elementsMetsäwood




Timbeco technical standards

Frame(mm) Thermal conductivity (U=W/M2 k) Fire resistance REI min. (MAX) Dimensions m (MAX)
290 0,14 30 (60) 2,8 x 9 (12)
390 0,11 30 (60) 2,8 x 9 (12)
435 0,10 30 (60) 2,8 x 9 (12)
485 0,09 30 (60) 2,8 x 9 (12)

Timbeco standard layers of roofing

  • Roof material
  • Plywood or OSB
  • Roof vent plate / base plate fixing plate
  • Breathable roof rack “Divorol Universal S” (also works as a windbreak)
  • Wooden load-bearing frame (wooden beam, glulam, I-beams or LVL beams)
  • Roof insulation (mineral wool) based on thickness of joints (200/300/400 mm). ThermoLog eco-labels also offer wood fiber insulation
  • Vapor barrier (UV resistant, 0.2 mm). For ThermoLog eco-labels, ProClima DB is used for natural building paper
  • Lanyard mounting plate
  • Lawn surface – gypsum board or ceiling. The airfoil is installed on the object


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