Prefab walls manufacturing

We manufacture high-quality prefabricated timber frame wall elements based on the client’s design.

Installation of electrical accessories in a prefabricated wall elements

We can install rigid piping and wiring devices in the prefabricated wall element needed for electrical wiring based on the electrical wiring project prepared by the client. The wiring installed at the factory enables to cover the prefabricated wall elements as well as the interior wall elements with desired materials (boarding, plaster board, OSB, etc.) from both sides without having to remove them at the construction site for wiring. This is a huge time saver. The piping installed at the factory means better quality compared to piping installed at the construction site because the ducts have been installed carefully between the wool layers without breaking the vapour and wind barriers, not squeezed on the wool layer which would decrease the structure’s insulation.

Vent feedthroughs

prefabricated timber frame wall elements may be provided with vent feedthroughs.

Installation and weather-stripping of windows

We install all types of windows and balcony doors (wood, aluminium, wood-aluminium, plastic) in prefabricated timber frame wall elements. We mostly offer windows produced by Estonian companies that follow the Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish or UK construction rules and regulations. However, we also install windows supplied by the client. At the factory, the windows are weather-stripped with certified vapour barrier tapes (SIGA), mastics, expandable sealants, etc.


Finish of windows (sill flashings and linings)

Windows may be finished with linings and sill flashings at the factory. This enables the client to save time on finishing the windows at the construction site and there is no need to order scaffolding for that purpose.

Installation of wind barrier

Based on design requirements, we may tape the prefabricated wall elements with wind barrier in order to make the structure even more weatherproof.

Installation of a fire resistant ventilation batten

We can equip prefabricated timber frame wall elements with a fireproofed ventilation batten at the factory. We mostly use this for facades of multi-story houses and apartment buildings in order to stop the spreading of fire along the facade.

Installation of wooden boarding (combinations, painting, types of wood)

We can install processed and painted boarding (of different types of wood) on the prefabricated walls at the factory. The boarding may be installed horizontally as well as vertically and in different combinations of colours and profiles.

Installation of interior finishing

It is possible to install various kinds of boards, e.g. OSB, plasterboard, fermacell, or other boards.

Installation of rockwool

We use rockwool (Rockwool SuperRock) in our wall elements. We install the rockwool in the prefabricated walls in the dry conditions of the factory and pack the element weatherproof. The prefabricated walls packed by us may be stored outside with no additional protection for up to 4 weeks without having to worry about the insulation getting wet.

Use of prefabricated timber frame wallelements in a concrete, steel or stone structure

Our prefabricated wall elements may be used in a concrete, steel or stone structure. We have a lot of experience in this and we can provide you with functioning construction details.