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Timbeco Modular Standard

Timbeco Modular Standard is a revolutionary new approach to building. Serially prefabricated, complete living space modules made of timber frame are combined into multifunctional living units according to the “plug & play” principle. The result is buildings that not only guarantee a modern and special ambience, but also have decisive advantages in terms of health and indoor climate. Timbeco Modular System enables short construction times, reduces on-site emissions to a minimum and creates residential units that are almost 100% recyclable.

Suitable solution for smaller real estate development company

The service is especially suitable for a small team real estate developer or a start-up real estate developer who wants to make large residential construction projects. Timbeco Modular System offers you a full service starting from planning the plot, fitting the suitable buildings and maximizing the sellable m2 to delivering the turnkey modular buildings to you within 7-10 months! When using our service, customers do not need to have specialists in each field in their company because the projects of Timbeco Modular System products have already been solved with statics and special parts.

Delivery time 7 – 10 months

Timbeco Modular System helps build homes in an efficient way, with short delivery time and controlled budget. We shorten the project timeframe by more than 2 times, enabling our partners (developers and construction companies) to build more, while having smaller organizations.


Timbeco-modular system

Innovation in construction industry


The prefab modules are produced such that it is possible to combine them into a so-called multi-module building. Meets technical requirements in Norway (TEK17) and adaptable in Sweden and Finland. Module dimensions are designed for transport throughout Scandinavia.

Finishing options for facades


Rendered facade

Just like in the case of a stone facade, a special cement board will be installed on the prefabricated walls. The rendering of the facade will take place on the site.

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