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Lervig B6 timber wall elements

Timbeco manufactured timber prefab external wall elements for an 18-story apartment building in Stavanger, Norway.

Our greatest challenge was to design the structural components connecting the timber external walls to the concrete load bearing structures. The main contractor would be able to make the building weather-proof as quickly as possible. The enclosures also had to be as energy-efficient as possible and meet the fire safety requirements of the Norwegian Rescue Board.

Thanks to the good cooperation from the early stages, we managed to design the components connecting the timber to the concrete smoothly. Sufficient time for designing enabled to consider the components in detail and thereby also create good preconditions for on-site installation and sealing of the facade elements.

The use of timber prefab wall elements in buildings with a concrete structure speeds up the construction process and thus reduces the construction budget. Timbeco also installed windows in the prefab wall elements. Since windows are installed in the prefab wall elements at the factory, it enables to make windows a lot air-tighter.

Lervig Brygge B6 apartment building:

  • Building type: apartment building
  • Product: timber prefab external wall elements for concrete load bearing structure
  • Total volume of prefab timber frame elements: 8,600 m2


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