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Fossbek wall elements 2014

The load-bearing structures of the apartment buildings consisted of walls with steel columns and inserted ceilings made of concrete. Timbeco’s task was to design and manufacture a complete solution of prefab timber frame elements that would be suitable for joining both steel and concrete load-bearing structures.

As one solution, the load-bearing steel columns were hidden inside the prefab timber frame wall elements. As a result of this solution, no floor space was lost in the building.

In addition to prefab timber frame wall elements, Timbeco also manufactured insulation elements for the concrete walls of the two apartment buildings. These are thin insulated timber frame elements that are installed directly on the concrete surface. Compared to construction and insulation on site, the use of prefab timber insulation elements helps to insulate concrete walls significantly faster and reduce the building time on site.

Project information

  • Building type: apartment building
  • Product: prefab external wall elements for a concrete and steel load-bearing structure
  • Total volume of prefab timber frame elements: 2,600 m2


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