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Bodø360 facade elements, Bodø Norway

The Timbeco team designed, manufactured and installed the façade elements for the Bodø360 hybrid building in central Bodø, Norway. It is a 14-storey high-rise building, which is also the tallest building in the city. The building is already called the new landmark of the city of Bodø. The building has commercial and office space and a total of 58 apartments on the upper floors, all with magnificent city views. The apartments have high ceilings and spacious windows, which make the rooms very spacious and bright. The roof has a green garden with playgrounds, benches and sheds.

General contractor: Skanska
Location: Bodø, Norway
Building type: Business building and apartment building
Builder: Boreus Eiendom
Total floor area: 15,000 m²
Architect: Norconsult
Facade elements installation time: 12 weeks
Volume of facade elements: 6100 m

Features of the building

The roof terrace on the lower part of the building has been converted into a recreational area with no lawn-covered playgrounds and benches with bench benches.
The first in northern Norway, the Bodø 360 is equipped with a multipark parking system and the cars are parked using a robotic system. Multi-level parking ensures optimal use of the car park. The car owner only needs to enter the car park, press the button and the car is automatically transported to the available parking space. This is a convenient and economical solution for parking spaces.

Factory set

Client’s order: Design, production and installation of node solutions and insulated facade elements on site. The set included insulated wall elements. The installation time of the wooden elements was 12 weeks. The openings were installed at the Timbeco plant and on the facade site

Technical solution

The architectural solution was provided by the client. The technical solution of the facade elements and the layered structure of the elements were developed by the Timbeco design team.

Photos: Nadia Norskott ->

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